I have always loved nature and wildlife, and have spent years travelling to wildernesses around the world. I am also passionate about horses and have ridden for most of my life.

In my early years, my horse infatuation led to my bedroom being filled with toy stables, posters of golden stallions, horse gear and, of course, horse books. My many books included non-fiction works as well as novels, most notably Elyne Mitchell’s The Silver Brumby series.

Combining my love of horses with my passion for travel, I have raced the native horses in Mongolia, climbed the heights of Colombia on horseback, and competed in endurance rides around Australia. In my opinion, the best way to experience a country is from the back of a horse.

I have travelled in over 60 countries on all 7 continents, with the absolute highlight being my lifelong dream of visiting Antarctica in 2023.

After retiring from the hectic life of computer consultancy, I wrote my first novel, The Okapi Promise, based on my adventures in Africa in 1990.

From my experiences of catching and breaking in brumbies, I decided to set my next novel in the Snowy Mountains of Australia where I live. The Brumbies series was created, with the first book of five becoming an Amazon best-seller. As I have always loved reading fantasy, I set my next novels, The Equinora Chronicles, in a horse-dominated world, which encompasses my love of all things equine, and dragons.

I was about to commence writing a sequel trilogy, The Caprania Chronicles, when my 500-acre property was destroyed by bushfire, killing my horses. As a result, I became a citizen scientist, collecting observations of the flora and fauna as life returned. I have since collated over 1,300 images, incorporating more than 400 species, into the Bushfire Recovery at Badja book. I continue to add photographs to the Environment Recovery Project on, and am up to 3,750+ observations incorporating (so far) 641 species.

I have also written non-fiction articles for horse magazines and have had many animal/nature prose-poetry pieces published by Indigo Dreams Press (UK).

I have been a regular judge for the Aurealis Awards, a submissions reader for Aurealis Magazine, and am a Full Member of the Australian Society of Authors.

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