Bushfire Recovery at Badja

A Landowner’s Observations

In early 2020, fires ravaged eastern Australia, destroying homes, and devastating native flora and fauna. Torrential rain and floods followed, causing even more damage. But the much-needed water and nature’s innate resiliency enabled life to recover.

Bushfire Recovery at Badja captures the author’s observations on her 500-acre property in New South Wales. From snuffling echidnas to mobs of kangaroos, tiny ladybirds to colourful butterflies, intricate orchids to towering eucalypts, this book incorporates over 1,300 photographs, covering over 400 species, labelled with both their common and scientific names.

Pre-orders Available!

This book is scheduled for release in December 2021. Please contact me to pre-order now.

Trailcam Videos

Enjoy the videos from the trailcam via my YouTube Channel below. Watch Swamp Wallabies feeding, Ravens fighting off a Pied Currawong, a Common Brushtail Possum inspecting the camera, even a Red Fox and a Fallow Deer dodging around a tree, and many other wildlife captures.

Book Images

Here is a selection of images from the book for you to enjoy.

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