Brumbies Series

Brumbies series

Following in the hoof-prints of The Silver Brumby and The Man from Snowy River, this series of adventures encounters some of the toughest territory in Australia from the viewpoints of two teenagers on horseback, Louise and Ben.

“Brumbies packs a punch, providing not only a gripping storyline but authentic details about horses every equine-loving youngster will avidly devour.” Hilary Smillie, Buzz Words.

“Paula Boer has captured the enduring spiritual connection between our iconic Australian brumby and fictional legends that young people yearn for in a modern world. Compulsory reading for those who cherish our high country.” Peter Cochran, former MP for Monaro and fifth generation resident horseman of the High Country.

Book 1 – Brumbies

B1 2nd Edition Front Cover

When city girl Louise moves to the country, she discovers the mountain brumbies are to be killed for pet food. A beautiful buckskin mare steals her heart, and with local farm boy Ben, she determines to save the wild horses. Against the odds, they arrange a muster, but nothing goes according to plan.

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Book 2 – Brumbies in the Snow

Brumbies in the Snow Second Edition Front Cover

Taming a wild horse is no easy task, as Ben and Louise soon discover. Their progress is slowed by a runaway horse and a desperate search through the park for two lost hikers. Concern for an injured brumby adds to the complications.

Follow the wild twists and turns of the sequel to the Amazon Best-Selling Brumbies adventure, as Ben and Louise explore the High Country of Australia in winter and learn what it means to break in a brumby.

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Book 3 – Brumbies in the Mist

Brumbies in the Mist 2nd Ed Front Cover

Thawing snow threatens Crowhurst with flooding and the wild horses are missing from the mountains. As the community struggles to protect their homes, disaster strikes for the Naylors. Ben and Louise are separated, each trying to take care of their own brumby’s troubles.

The disappearance of the herds remains a mystery until the friends make a worrying discovery.

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Book 4 – Brumbies in the Outback

Brumbies in the Outback 2nd Ed Front Cover

Ben and Louise discover life on a remote cattle station is very different to their Snowy Mountains home. Missing her horse, Honey, Louise struggles to adapt to the outback.

Ben has a graver concern: he is desperate to prove Brandy, his stallion, is fit after a serious leg injury, otherwise he may be destroyed. From mustering and working cattle, to tracking and taming desert brumbies, both friends are challenged by their experiences.

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Book 5 – Brumbies in the Mountains

Brumbies in the Mountains

Ben’s family farm, including Ben’s horses, must be sold. Louise’s family is moving overseas for her father’s work.

Meanwhile brumbies are being shot and the friends discover an orphan foal. While training Brandy for the mountain country race, Ben discovers illegal logging in the park. Once again Ben and Louise must fight to save the wild brumbies, their horses, and their dreams.

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