Equinora Chronicles

The Equinora Chronicles are a young adult/adult horse fantasy trilogy.

Book 1: The Bloodwolf War

bloodwolf cover front

Equinora, the world where horses live in harmony with people, is in trouble. The six unicorn guardians created by the Goddess have abandoned their roles and vicious bloodwolves rampage across the land, massacring the herds and villagers.

Fleet, a young stallion without a territory, dreams of galloping with other horses and building a herd of his own. But an attack by a bloodwolf leaves him poisoned and alone. Driven by despair and a promise to fulfil his dying dam’s vision, Fleet sets out to discover how to vanquish the bloodwolves. The only help the renegade unicorns provide is to insist Fleet follow a prophecy to confront the villainous Shadow, an equine so powerful that the Goddess imprisoned him to prevent him destroying her realm.

Accompanied by Yuma, a young man desperate to escape his destiny, and Tatuk, a tiny dragon, Fleet seeks Shadow and a cure for the bloodwolf poison. But even as he begins to fear the selfish unicorns have sent him to his death, he discovers a secret that might mean he has a chance to save all horses and people from annihilation.


The Bloodwolf War was released internationally in November 2019. For readers in Australia, signed copies can be ordered here for $30.00 including postage.

Paperback and e-book copies are available from all good online book stores, or ask at your local book shop. Paperbacks are distributed in USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia.

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Book 2: The Stealthcat War

When unnatural wildfires ravage the prairies, many of the horse herds and human clans are burnt. Precious warmblood mares disappear and mysterious stealthcats are killing foals, forcing a dying stallion to seek help from the guardian unicorns.

Following a confusing prophecy that threatens the whole world, Mystery, the youngest unicorn, is sent to solve the problem. But being of horse parents, Mystery is filled with doubt and scared he has no power. Nevertheless, accompanied by Laila, a young woman, and Meda, her healer dragon, he determines to confront whatever evil is behind the devastation.

The Stealthcat War is scheduled for release mid 2021.

Book 3: The Harbinger of Death

The Harbinger of Death is scheduled for release in 2022.